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Customisation to specifications

HottoH’s technical staff supports customers in all kinds of order requests with HW, FW and SW, providing solutions in short times and low costs. Or customers can also install their products at our plant to quickly implement the development of dedicated technical solutions. Maximum confidentiality is guaranteed.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance is a strong part of our company culture. We guarantee a prompt and courteous service for the lifetime of our products to all our customers.

Technology scouting

We are committed to a constant improvement of our products to offer the best electronic technology available on the market to our customers. This win-win strategy is designed to support customers with always new products and competitive results on the market.

Certification and marking

All our products are subjected to pre-compliance testing according to the reference directives for CE marking (EMC: 2004/108/EC; LVD: 2006/95/EC; ROHS: 2002/95/EC). Products are designed in conformity to standard EN 60335-1 for electrical safety and to the application-specific parts of EN 60335-2. We support OEMs in the certification of their products and we provide the necessary component documentation and homologation. If needed, we can also produce reports of the tests performed in Astrel Group’s in-house laboratories during the pre-compliance phase, as well as reports drafted by certified external laboratories, when available.

HOTTOH uses the MIUR accreditated test laboratory of Astrel Group.