Hottoh / Astrel Group presents the new catalogue

HOTTOH presents the new catalogue with a complete range of products intended for thermoregulation.

HOTTOH controllers can manage all main applications, such as regular stoves and pellet, pits, bioethanol and woodchips sealed stoves, and they are furnished with a complete range of accessories for connectivity. They are all compatible with the stove remote control via App. Besides, HOTTOH controllers are designed for home automation integration via ADOP open source protocol.

HOTTOH range of solutions includes two main products line:

  • HB Line: top range modular electronic controllers entirely configurable with the development software H-Tool for the construction of stoves, boilers and burners.
  • Evo & Eco Line: electronic controllers for the construction of medium-low complexity biomass stoves.


Starter Kits  definitely are important news offering complete solutions ready for use to test controllers for air, duct air, hydro, sanitary service hydro stoves and burners.

Starter Kit are available for all HB, EVO and ECO lines for the realization of customizable standard control solutions via HOTTOH configuration software.

> Download the catalogue in PDF