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HOTTOH is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of electronic temperature control systems for heating devices employing renewable energy. Brand of the company Astrel Group srl, HOTTOH has soon become a leader in the market of pellet and biomass stoves thanks to its innovative solutions. HOTTOH is also partner in the development and customization of several OEM manufacturing embedded electronic solutions, and it boasts a specific expertise in the development of products aimed at satisfying the consumer and the light industry.

HOTTOH closely monitors market developments, paying special attention to the OEM needs of mass customization. For that purpose, HOTTOH designed the first development platform that guarantees confidentiality of the customer know-how and products’ customization with short times and low costs.

HOTTOH main focus is the market of stoves and boilers burning biofuels like pellets, biomass and bioethanol. It boasts an extensive competence in the design, industrialization, manufacturing and certification of electronic systems. Consistent with Astrel Group mission, HOTTOH offers highly innovative systems with an excellent quality meeting the needs of competitive international markets and niche markets. Easily incorporated in our customers’ supply chain, it guarantees a flexible, continuous and effective supply chain management.